Forcast: Partial Haziness

Today we celebrate (among many other things) Still Life’s ten day anniversary living in New York. We’re continuing to explore our neighborhood and starting to infiltrate the local dives we would like to call home. A favourite so far is a bar just a couple blocks away called The Levee, offering a selection of local draft and an abundance of totally disgusting delicacies people around here call “american food”, such as a Frito pie which involves Fritos, sour cream and Chili.

Last nights show at the Mercury Lounge was a great success. We decided to test out three new songs on the audience and they were received with excitement and dance moves. It was exciting to bring some of these new songs out of the rehearsal space and onto the stage, its always a new experience seeing a crowd of people moving to your new jams for the first time.

Another accomplishment worth celebrating is the completion of an oversized bottle of Patron we bought after crossing the border into America. To commemorate this moment we’ve decided to turn the 60 oz.’er into a home for a new friend. Eric is out trying to find a goldfish and some coloured gravel as we speak.

In the forecast for this weekend is some prevailing celebration with partial haziness. We’re really stoked about the Julian Casablancas show tomorrow night it’s gonna be rad.

We’re also continuing to bang out the new tunes any chance we get and hope to have something for you all to hear soon.