P town shoot out!!

Our first show we ever played in America was also our first show with Markus and for those two reasons The Crofoot in Pontiac Michigan will always have a special place in our hearts. Well that and the fact that Greg (the promoter) and the meals he prepares for us are amazing.  This show was pretty funny because when we showed up at the venue there was a line up around the block. We quickly learned they weren’t there for us when we realized the boys had straighter hair than the girls and no one was over the age of 16.  There was an all-ages  emo/screamo/metal/pop show going on down stairs that was loud as hell. It didn’t bother us though and it was pretty funny to watch. The show went well but we decided it would be best to leave right after the show to try and get home to our own beds, after all it is only about a 4 hour drive and it’s a cool feeling to wake up on the floor in Chicago, play a show in Michigan and still be able to make it home to your own bed in Toronto.  The next day was a day off, we got some drinks with a couple Wild Beasts and it was nice to be back in our own city. While we were hanging they explained how we had left the night before at a good time because just as they finished loading out a crowd of frantic people came running around the corner on cue with Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang, 6 shots fired in P town. Luckily they managed to escape safely.

The next day was our only hometown show of the tour and it is always nice to play in Toronto. The show was fun but it just isn’t the same when you know all your friends are just down the street watching Teen Tits Wild Wives at Elvis Monday, but its nice to see some new faces coming out that knew the words. Once again the Wild Beasts played an outstanding set. All in all it was nice to be home for 2 days. Now we are on the way to Allston (which is pretty much Boston) and it’s a fucking snowstorm, hope we make it alive.

In January 2010 Still Life Still moved to Brooklyn NY for a month to play a slew of shows including a weekly residency at the Mercury Lounge. Aware of the importance of these shows, we wanted to bring our A game so we rented a rehearsal space so we could keep our old bangers in check as well as work on several potential “works in progress” for the new record. Introducing Coral Seed, like most SLS songs it was conceived by Brendan and has since become a more fleshed out tune with that signature Still Life sound. Before leaving New York we felt we needed a souvenir of sorts to remember our progress by, so we decided to record an off the floor video in our NY jamspace, also featuring a sample of our new lighting motif. We hope you all enjoy this rendition of Coral Seed as much as we do!