Remember kids, take your vitamins!

Well we fucking made it! Although we did have to make a stop in the middle of nowhere because the snow got way too crazy. We found a little hotel, had an easy night and ordered in some Chinese food. The next morning we dug out our van and finished off the drive to Boston.  

As we drove towards the coast the snow turned to rain. We arrived early so we rested up in the hotel, hiding from the rain.  We were playing at Great Scott which was a pretty cool bar, it had a pretty small stage but I think we’re more comfortable in tight quarters. The show went well and we got a good response from the crowd. The people from Boston were very nice.  We talked to quite a few people after the show- it’s always great when people are friendly.

The next morning we woke up for our drive to Philly which was pretty brutal- from our GPS messing up to crazy traffic jams, not to mention an accidental detour right through the middle of Manhattan. Nonetheless we made it Philly. The club we were playing that night was called Johnny Brenda’s. It was cool cause it had a balcony around the stage so it was kinda like we were playing in a pit but there were people on the floor in front. While we were having a smoke before going on, something strange happened. About 10 police SUV’s and 20 tow trucks pulled on to the street, lights flashing, announcing over a loud speaker “Move your car or you will be towed”. Apparently it was a “snow emergency”, which was a joke cause there was no snow on the ground. We quickly moved our van and rushed to the stage. Philly was good, another fun crowd with some dancers and shakers.

After the show we were invited to a house party and we never turn down an invite to a party. Upon arrival we were greeted with beers bongs and hookah hits. Brendon even took part in a yoga session, but the icing on the cake was when we were leaving, our new friends handed us 5 hits  of acid neatly dropped onto some vitamins. We kindly accepted the offer but realized taking acid might not be the best move for us so we left it in the hotel as a thank you gift for the maids. Remember kids, take your vitamins, not acid.